Science behind window cleaning

Regularly having your windows cleaned keeps your view of the outdoors clear and bright. However, it can be impossible to get all of your windows clean, especially if you live in a two or three story home

One of the biggest reasons that most people just don’t clean their windows is because of how difficult it is to clean the windows on the second, third, or fourth stories of a home or apartment building. This can leave your windows cloudy and extremely grimy, as windows on higher stories are more likely to collect grime and dirt from the air. When you hire a professional, they will have all the right tools and cleaning equipment to clean not just the windows on the first story, but on any higher story.

As your windows collect dirt and grime, any future weather, including rain and wind, that comes into contact with your windows begins to damage the glass, just as if you were rubbing the glass with sandpaper. This can age the glass and even make it cloudy and eventually vulnerable to chipping, cracking, and breaking. If your windows have mineral deposits and hard water stains, check out our hard water stains removal service.

Regularly cleaning clears away years of built-up sandpaper to keep that glass strong. Prevents the development of mould or the growth of bacteria. Windows are one of the areas in your home most likely to come into contact with moisture. As it rains, some moisture can leak in between the panes of storm windows, or just into the wood surrounding the window, which will eventually promote the growth of mould and the proliferation of bacteria. This can be very dangerous, especially if someone in your home has allergies or other respiratory problems. Having a window cleaning service come to your home and clean the windows can prevent mould or bacteria from finding a foothold in those windows. Because mould can also break down wood frames, keeping your windows mould-free will also prolong the life of the windows and the surrounding structure. Make sure you understand how all these work before trying to buy your own cleaning solutions.

Cleaning your windows has the same effect as washing and polishing your car—it looks new again, but in reality, it’s just clean. Helps to reduce allergens in your home. Even if you have an air conditioning system, during the spring and fall, most of the air in your home likely enters through the windows. If your windows are not clean, that can mean that years of pollen and dust are streaming through the window, every time you open it to let some fresh air into your home. A professional cleaning can get rid of that pollen and dust, so that there are fewer allergens in your home and those that suffer from allergies will be far less affected. Clean windows means less dusting, fewer allergens, fresher air, and more sunlight in your home.

Don’t let dirt and grime build up on your windows. You know that pollution can easily turn your windows grey and brown, even during the spring and summer. If it’s time for your annual residential window cleaning or you have never had your windows cleaned before, but you’re ready to get a better view of your yard and neighbourhood, calling a professional is the easiest and often the best way to clean your windows!

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